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Children's virtual bank card

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Children's virtual bank card

In the modern world, the non-cash form of payment has long taken a leading position and left far behind cash forms of payment. And many banking organizations have long been able to offer children's bank cards that have the same functionality as adult cards.
A children's bank card makes it possible to carry out various banking operations, including online purchases, withdrawing cash from an ATM, transferring funds to another card. If you decide to order a prepaid MasterCard from WestStein, in addition to a virtual online account, you are given the opportunity to issue up to 3 plastic cards, one or more of which can be issued for a child. Bank cards are issued from 14 years old. This is exactly the age when a child wants to have his own pocket money and dispose of it at his own discretion.

Bank card for children - the pros of using

Having a bank card for a child provides many opportunities, including:
The child will be able to learn financial literacy. A virtual debit card, with which every parent can transfer money to a child's card, will allow you to learn already in childhood or early adolescence how you can control your expenses without counting cash savings. The child will be able to learn how to allocate his funds for a while, and not spend everything at once. He can save them for a larger and more important purchase for him, or even choose offers at the best discounts by paying via the Internet.
Parents no longer have to worry about the fact that the child may run out of money at the most inopportune moment for this. After all, at any time you can transfer more money to the card.
If you lose your card, you can quickly block it, which will protect you from losing funds from your account.
A child will know from childhood not to tell anyone about their payment details and personal information. Thus, you will save him from mistakes in the future.

WestStein prepaid card is a great solution for kids

The WestStein Virtual Debit Card offers the opportunity to issue a plastic card for a child, which will be linked to the main parent account. This is a modern and really convenient way to get pocket money. At the same time, you will always be able to control your child's expenses and instill in him the right money management habits.

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